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How to book a massage?
You can book using the tab Bookingby phone (we will be needing in a name, time, day, which massage and preferred masseuse) or via PlanityA text will be sent to you before the appointment.

How early do I need to make an appointment?
In order to provide you with the best possible service, we advise you to book at least 24 hours in advance. However, it is possible to book for the same day depending on availability.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept on-site payements by
credit card, cash, or directly on the Planity platform. The Planity platform takes the bank imprint in a secure way and you will be billed only at the end of the massage. In case of last minute cancellation on your part, fees will be applied (indicated on your reservation).


Is it possible to touch, caress, massage each other with a masseuse?
The proposed service is a massage, modeling, with a purely aesthetic and non-therapeutic purpose, practiced by professionals. It is not allowed to touch, caress or practice a reciprocal massage on a masseuse. The massages are part of a protocol defined in the CHARTER of our services and are performed by professionals trained in relaxation massages.

Is it possible to have a sex massage?
The massages we offer are designed to explore your senses and erogenous zones without touching the sexual parts. Our masseuses will not accept sexual solicitation, paid or unpaid. Our services are purely sensual and non-sexual.

Is it possible to call on the masseuses outside the Salon?
Our massages are sensual, erotic, aphrodisiacs, and invite relaxation, which can arouse desire depending on the sensitivity of each person, without offering a sexual service. The establishment does not provide an escort service.

Our massages

What are the differences between the different massages?
Each massage is an invitation to discover unique sensations, in that we have taken care to create special formulas to vary the pleasures. Our naturist massages are inspired by Californian and body-body massage, including various elements such as massage oil, a feather, ice cubes or a blindfold...
Our massages are naturist in order to create a feeling of simplicity, creating an atmosphere open to the infinite possibilities of creating the thrill offered by the art of massage.

Face à la dentelle massage not naturist made by a masseuse wearing a lace lingerie set, including massage oil and relaxing touch.
Divine Caresse naturist massage, including massage oil and relaxing touch.
Paradis Céleste naturist massage, including massage oil and relaxing touch, a feather.
Désir Givré - naturist massage, including massage oil, ice cubes, relaxing touch and bodybody.
Fusion des sens naturist massage, including massage oil, a feather, ice cubes, relaxing touch and bodybody.

Which massage oil is used?
We use a neutral softening oil with sweet almonds and jojoba.

Is it possible to take a shower before/after the massage?
A bathroom is at your disposal before and after each massage, as well as a clean towel. A shower before the massage is mandatory, as indicated in our charter..

Which massage to choose for the first time?
We recommend Fusion des Sens which combines all the massage techniques (Californian, body-body, touch) and accessories (oil, feather, ice cubes) for a great moment of sensuality between hot, cold, delicacy and softness. A complete and exclusive formula to discover all the sensations offered by the benefits of massage!

Les masseuses sont-elles nues durant la prestation ?
Les masseuses sont nues durant les prestations de massages naturistes (tous les massages sauf Face à la Dentelle) ainsi que le massé. Le naturisme est pratiqué à l’intérieur de l’enceinte de l’établissement dans des pièces (cabines de massage) dédiées et dans le respect mutuel et la bienséance.


How does video surveillance work in your establishments?
The videos remain in closed circuit and are in no case used outside the defined legal framework, and remain confidential. The presence of remote surveillance is reported in our institutes.

How do you guarantee the confidentiality of your services?
We only ask for your first name and a phone number, in order to contact you. We do not sell this data to third parties or use it for purposes outside our institutes. You will not receive any spam, newsletter or messages from us outside the confirmation of your appointments.

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